Yugoslavian league albums


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Since Ceesmk posted a picture here is a little history of Yu albums. For my favorite club I made his history in sticker albums.
Here: http://stickerpedia10.blogspot.hr/2017/02/hajduk-kroz-albume-sa-slicicama.html
It is on Croatian but you will see the years in which albums where published. First albums where published in 1930s under name "Momenti nogometa" eng: "Moments of football" with pictures/stickers from football matches. First album was published in 1931/32 with player stickers. Before WW2 I have one guy who halped me with those albums. For me most unknown part is after WW2 till 70'. I have some albums but on ebay you can see lot of Yugoslav football cards fro 50s and 60s. From 70s-90s you have Ceesmk picture above. Last 3 albums on that picture are from Serbia and Montengero (first two) and (last) only Serbia.
When I make checklists I will post them.

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