Youtube becoming important part of the hobby


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I know that there are quite a lot of guys here who one way or another promote this hobby and their passion via making videos on YouTube.

Probably the most successful one would be the pioneer @Andy followed by @KoNiKo @Agustín and couple of others.

Why YouTube is essential in any industry not just in collecting? Because people, especially the younger ones (up to 30 lets say) do not like to read (sadly). The way they enjoy consuming content is visually via photo or video.

That is why YouTube channels are important for :
  1. Getting new people in the hobby
  2. Educating and informing existing collectors
  3. Engaging with people
These are just 3 important things.

For example Andy, and his channel have over 40.000 subscribers. That´s insane (in a good way of course).

Now you get the idea how powerful YouTube and video have become.

While I understand the importance of video making, I personally struggle with making videos on YouTube. I do not lack ideas, but I just lack the time. With really little effort CardzReview has around 2800 subscribers, and I do not remember when was the last time I posted something worth watching there.

So, I was thinking, maybe we can use this topic to share tips, tricks, equipment stuff and everything else to help each other in growing channels and being a better video-maker. At the same time this can be beneficial for the audience that follows YouTube channels that members here have.

Anyway, if you would like to ask a question, share an idea or your own tip, feel free to use this topic and talk to your fellow You Tubers.


Some of you know that I am Agustin from Football Cards Argentina (football cards channel in spanish).
I try to keep the videos coming though sometimes it is not easy due to the lack of material to review in my country.

Personally, I´ve just bought a Samsung F90 camcorder that is giving me good results.

Hoping to hear from all the others!


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I used pretty lame video camera in past FujiFix 4000s, which is good for photography but really sucks at videos. It records in 720p and I just thought I can do better than that. I now have Sony AS100V and few Chinese cameras (which I used for my other projects, mostly travel recording) and honestly those action cameras are not good for reviews and close up shots.


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I don't know if I will start with my " figurineforever " also on youtube, for the moment just facebook and twitter and I'm at the beginning. But in case i'll ask to some girls friend of mine to help me to make more interesting the videos (guys, i'm kidding!) and someone who can help me about recording anyway...


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@Caniggia Starting a channel with girls sounds like a good idea. I am sure you would get even more then Andy does. (And I am sure he has million and million of views on his channel). :)

Seriously know, to start recording you just need a tripod and a decent camera.
Though if you want better videos and cut off parts of the video you do not like, you would need to know at least the basics of editing video. But there are many programs for that. Even when you upload video on YouTube you can edit video then. They are improving a lot, and I am sure in future it will be even better.
Most important thing would be an idea and the content you want to provide there. I would say 95% of YouTube channels in any category are crap.

Its all the matter of practice. I am sure all of us are ashamed of our first video on YouTube :)


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I also started an Israeli channel for cards collecting as a hobby. But in the past month i noticed my estimated earnings are around 47$ (sometimes below sometimes higher), can you tell me how does estimated earnings are calculated and why its moving back and forth ?
And does it mean this is your profit from youtube ? so how and when do i get this money from ?


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Estimate earnings are a bit tricky, since they are exactly that - only estimate.
The true amount you will see in your google adsense account. That said I believe you first have to create adsense account and verify it inside your YouTube. You get the money by cheque or direct bank transfer. Make sure to see if your country is available for AdSense. Minimum threshold is 100$. So when you gather hundred bucks, you get paid monthly.
This is just from what I remember. But its not 100% sure.

I hope more advanced YouTube users might be able to confirm this. You can also post question on Google forums, since those guys are more knowledgeable.
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