Women's World Cup 2023 McDonalds Stickers


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Is anyone interested in exchanging these Panini stickers for the current Women's World Cup that are provided at McDonalds?

I have for exchange:

Alexandra Popp (GER), Jule Brand (GER), Merle Frohms (GER), Laura Freigang (GER), Athenea del Castillo (ESP), Esther González (ESP), Beth Mead (ENG), Lucy Bronze (ENG), Tamires (BRA), Kerolin (BRA), Steph Catley (AUS), Caitlin Foord (AUS), Claudia Bunge (NZL), Ali Riley (NZL), Ria Percival (NZL), Martina Rosucci (ITA), Leicy Santos (COL), Maren Naedval Mjelde (NOR)

and require:

Leah Williamson (ENG), Nikita Parris (ENG), Teagan Micah (AUS), Sam Kerr (AUS), Valentina Giacinti (ITA), Elena Linari (ITA), Manuela Vanegas (COL), Diana Ospina (COL), Vilde Boe Risa (NOR), Guro Reiten (NOR), Vic Esson (NZL)

All normal, no shiny.
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