Where do you buy your stickers?

Where do you buy your stickers?

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New Member
Hello everyone.

For some time I work in the costruction of an online store for selling figurines. Part of this work is to know a little of the customer profile.

Each collector has a way of collecting different from another collector.

I would be grateful if you could help me with this research by answering some questions.

These answers will help me to improve the site tools, customer service and products.


New Member

I mostly try to buy local, but as many of you will already have experienced, this isn't always easy. Only if you go with sth very mainstream, like the Panini sticker albums.
I also buy online because it's inevitable.


Active Member
I find you can get them cheaper from the big supermarket chains, especially from their multi-packs where it's 6 packs for the price of 4. Although that was what it was like a couple of years ago for the Euro 2016's. You also had the video game stores who would sell the tins for a discount price, depending on how much stock they had. So it was better to buy them early. There is also a Scottish football forum I am in where we would swap our doubles in. Without that I'd probably wouldn't do it at all lol.

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