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It's getting a bit boring though... first was definitely epic, second was nice with the extra sections along the album, but then I can't recall one that made me very happy to collect... reducing the number of teams was also not good and being portuguese, not having a single portuguese team is a minus.
Understandable not having any teams from your country is a negative but overall if you examine the 5 albums you will notice the difference in terms of having different sub-sets and a slight change of teams year after year.

Also, there's more shiny/gold stickers to collect and in different sizes.

We would love to see 20-24 teams in the album but then Panini will have to raise the price of the packets as production increases and extra usage of paper as well. People will complain about the price increase without giving it a thought.


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That's brilliant @Danini. A nice and varied collection and one I hope stays on Amazon for the 2022 collection.

PS. The blister packs of 13+2 are great value making the packets 59p each with delivery baked in making it a really good deal for an overseas collection that is normally too expensive to collect. Plus according to eBay sellers almost every player is a rookie! Haha, I think not!
Starter pack arrived yesterday and it's a lovely album but still the No.1 for me is the Calciatori and nothing has come close to matching that one yet. Guess Panini would obviously want that as their standout each season and who could blame them.

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