What SHOULD be the name in albums: San Siro or G.Meazza?


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I am a bit confused with this one. I collect football albums ever since 1996 and have every one published since 1990.

The official name of San Siro is actually Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, yet almost every place I look the name San Siro is used. Now in the days Panini made CHL albums I saw that on the pages of Milan or Inter they used the official name (Giuseppe Meazza), maybe because Panini are Italian company. I remember when San Siro was hosting the 2016 CHL final on the official poster and program it said Stadio San Siro (not Giuseppe Meazza). In the 2016 CHL album (first year by Topps) the stadium has a two piece place in the Final section with the name Giuseppe Meazza underneath. Yet in the following albums they changed the name again. The 2019-20 album even had stadium stickers for every team and the ones for Atalanta and Inter had the name Stadio San Siro. The current album: 20-21, don't have stickers for the stadium yet in the Inter page it again says San Siro.

I understand that the unofficial name San Siro is VERY popular, but in official publications such as the CHL albums, shouldn't the OFFICIAL name (Giuseppe Meazza) be used?

I honestly don't know what to call that stadium. Is it Stadio Giuseppe Meazza or Stadio San Siro?


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Here's my two cents on it.

The stadium was called Nuovo Stadio Calcistico San Siro from 1925 to 1980 also because it's in the district of San Siro in Milano.

In 1980, they renamed it Giuseppe Meazza in honor of the great player from the early 20th century.

Since it's the official name, I believe Panini and Topps should write Giuseppe Meazza in their albums too. But, I also think that San Siro is more popular since it was the name of the stadium for longer, and it's also catchier.

Also, Giuseppe Meazza had a fantastic career as a top striker. And, although he also played a bit for Juve and Milan, he spent most of his career at Inter and scored a handful of goals against Milan. So, maybe Milan supporters don't want to say his name.

Now, as an Inter fan, I always refer to it as Meazza. I guess the editors at Panini and Topps don't share my affinity. :p


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Im not a fan of either Milan or Inter, but of the two I prefer Inter. But After and extensive research, I must say that Stadio San Siro is the more correct name. Even the official website is San Siro.

I also like the name better. I will wait to see the new CHL album in the fall as this is looking to be the first time both Inter and Milan will be in it since Topps are making it. It will be interesting what name will they use.

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