What options i have if i dont get what i bought on ebay???


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Hello my good friends collectors, today i got two items that i bought from ebay:
an hardcover empty album foot france 2015-2016 but is damaged and is not the shippment fault because the seller packed the album very well so the conclusion is that the album was sent in this way by the seller
and partizan belgrad set fifa 365 2016, with the first sheet that have stamps on it and at this situation i am not happy, because i pay only to get quality not damage things, also the conclusion is that the seller knew the damaged from the sheet because was very well packed and the shippment has no fault.
In this scenario, what are my options as a buyer from ebay,??? p.s. i already contacted the sellers but they didnt managed to response.

thank you very much, for all who will responde.



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C'mon, it's been almost a day and no one answered? :oops:

@alex1992alex the only option you have, if sellers don't answer or you can't reach an agreement, is to open a case with the reason "item not as described" (there should be an option in the item purchased, like "resolve a problem") and choose if you still want the item, a partial refund (you don't want another item but you're sure it's not worth what you paid) or even a full refund (you think the items are so damaged that there's no salvation possible for what you paid).

You also have to show clear pictures of the problems and explain well what happened (like you did here, but even more detailed). This is important for what's next.

In case sellers don't answer or they do, but it's not going anywhere, you can escalate the case to ebay review, which they may take some days to analyze the case (hence the importance of pictures and also your explanation) and decide who's right. You cannot make any more actions or talk to the seller, just wait for ebay decision.


I suppose it depends on what you paid for them, if you paid the going rate then go for a refund and send it back hopefully at their expense. But if you got it cheap the seller may have sold it for less because there were faults with it. If you are not happy with the condition and cannot accept the items as they are then complain to ebay and try for your money back.
Personally I'm paranoid when selling on ebay and list every small problem as I don't wish to disappoint the buyer.


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if the seller discribed the product as sold 'as shown in the pictures' and it was that album you wont will be able to get a refund.