WC Qatar 2022 - albums, stickers, packets swap


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Hi guys

available for swapping:

- Austrian SC empty album (blue stickers edition, 670 pieces, Austrian flag, Coca-Cola stickers at the end), packets, Multipacks, small Box with 5 packets. Mint condition.
Austrian SC album
Austria packet

- Austrian HC Starter pack, contains: HC album + 3 packets gratis (Mint condition)
no flags on back cover, no Coca-Cola stickers at the end page, probably the same version as in Germany. 670 stickers, blue stickers edition
Austrian HC starter pack (HC album 1, HC album 2, 3x packet)

- Czech/Slovak SC empty album: orange stickers edition, 638 pieces, various flags on back cover, no Cola stickers, last page contains text from countries where the album is distributed.
Slovak SC album picture 1
Slovak SC album picture 2
Packet regular
Packet Corfix CZ/SK

swap for any other WC Qatar SC/HC albums versions. Prefer Europe for shipping, no problem oversees, but keep in mind postage cost and shipping time.
Safety packaging (album attached to hardboard + Hardbox = weight 350 g), shipping cost approx. 7,5 eur to Europe..
Item location: Bratislava, Slovakia.
Have albums/packets for other WC / EURO cups, mainly Austrian, Serbian, Czech/Slovak (Corfix), for complete list, send me a PM.


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I have a double of Guillermo Ochoa Extra Sticker Normal (Burgundy)
Does anybody have a normal Extra sticker for swap i would be happy :)


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greetings to all.

Is anyone interested in changing the empty album and different packets Colombia version?.



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hi guys

i want WC 2022 HC album (from europe) and full set of stickers (blue stickers) + all 32 team photo stickers + all serbian stickers 20 (also blue )

i offer ,either WC 2022 HC album (orange edition) and full set of stickers (orange stickers) + international update sticker set (all update stickers are white) + argentina champion poster and stickers + collection metal box qatar with 5 packs (orange)

WC22HC full orange set + update + poster + box.jpg


WC 1972-2022 Book
it includes Qatar, have results from all WC since 1970, and from 2010all update stickers are included.

WCbook1970-2022 01.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 02.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 03.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 04.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 05.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 06.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 07.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 08.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 09.jpg
WCbook1970-2022 10.jpg

IMPORTANT: i would like to trade, but only with confidential users which are at least 4 years at this forum
everything mine is MINT (pictures are from mine opened items)


u will send first


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