Volim te Hrvatsko (I love you Croatia)


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Album name: Volim te Hrvatsko/I love you Croatia
Publisher: Zvečevo
Number of stickers: 80
Number of pages: 56

Zvečevo is chocolate so you have to buy chocolate to get stickers. In every chocolate there are two stickers.
One chocolate cost 10 kuna (about 1,3€) Album is not so bad in my opinion. I still didn't bought any chocolate.
There are stickers about history of football in Croatia (page 6-7), Croatian teams from big competitions (page 8-9), famous former players and coaches (page 14-15) then current players and coach (page 24-25). There are also stadiums from EURO 2016 (page 44-45). All in all not bad.



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I bought first chocolate and got Tudor and Olić. Sticker of Tudor is bad bacouse it is cuted from some game. They should put portrait like for Olić.

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interesting album and I like chocolate! unfortunately this year I'm not going to come to Croatia for holidays ... :(


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Hello. Just arrived in Croatia for holidays and bought from the 1st gas station this album along with 5 chocolates :) . does anyone completed the collection and has stickers to trade? Thanks!