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The Croatian Football Federation proudly announces the release of the sticker album "Vatreni put," a kind of encyclopedia of the Croatian national football team and all the exciting adventures of the Vatreni we have followed over the past thirty years.

For the first time in history, fans of the most important secondary thing in the world have the opportunity to add to their home library a volume that contains an overview of matches, coaches, and players over the years, starting from the first match in October 1990 against the United States up to the appearances in the UEFA Nations League 2023. However, this is not just another sticker album but a unique, interactive album that tells the story of how the Croatian national football team has built itself to the status it proudly carries today.

For football enthusiasts, "Vatreni put" has priceless value. Few are those who, even if they do not actively follow football events, do not remember special moments, such as Maradona's appearance in a friendly match against Argentina in 1994, or Suker's goals and his head nod of approval and celebration at the World Cup in France. In recent football history, in the collective consciousness, lives a whole spectrum of emotions that many Croats felt while carefully watching several extra times with penalty kicks at the famous World Cup in Russia. All these moments, and many others, described in "Vatreni put," are an important part of Croatian football history.

All these moments have been captured through the lens of our best sports photographers, so you will be able to enjoy the spectacular photo documentation by Radisa Mladenovic, Robert Belosevic, Sinisa Hancic, Matko Biljak, and Drago Sopta.

For the first time on the market, a digital platform is available, designed as a combination of advanced technology and interesting content. By scanning the QR code available in the album, collectors will enter the digital football galaxy. There, they will find a multitude of valuable prizes and additional content that will be a real treat for true football fans.

Each sticker contains a unique QR code that, when scanned, reveals special content. In the application, there are quizzes worth playing because they bring valuable prizes. An additional attraction is the unique challenge that can become a key part of football history. All sticker collectors have the opportunity to vote for the best lineup of the Croatian national football team of all time, choosing between legendary players for each position.

There is no true fiery supporter who has not at least once imagined standing in the center dressed in a jersey with red and white squares and eagerly awaiting the referee's whistle to start the match. With the digital platform "Vatreni put," all Croatian football enthusiasts have the opportunity to wear the sacred jersey and from the comfort of their own armchair, sail into unforgettable moments of Croatian football history!

"I am extremely pleased with the fact that a sticker album dedicated to the successful history of the Croatian national football team is being released. It is not just a chronicle of the Vatreni's journey from the historic match against the United States to the greatest successes of winning four medals, but also what remains as a legacy for generations to come. I am confident that "Vatreni put" will find its way to collectors and fans of the Croatian national football team who will once again reminisce about the magnificent achievements of the Vatreni throughout history," said Marijan Kustić, President of the Croatian Football Federation.

The "Vatreni put" album has 82 pages and contains 370 stickers with unique QR codes, of which 74 are on holographic material (52 are gold stickers). The main distributor of the album is Tisak d.d., and it will be available at all relevant sales outlets from February 20th.



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For me personally this is in the same time awesome and stupid.

Awesome because everyone I know including me started collecting as a kid only because of our national team and WC/EC competitions they've played at the times. So ofcourse it's great to have some historic insight and another collection not relevant to the big competitions that include your NT.

Stupid because Euro is literally knocking at the door in 5-6 weeks.
After great sucess of domestic league collection, which is stil actual btw., next year you have nothing and you could spicy it up and fill it with something like this that would anyone collect especially if there will be good score on these year Euros.
Now again you have blank space...

I had some inside info that Panini was supposed to make this last year but they've couldn't reach agreement.
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