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I use to collect only Panini about Serie A, but I love this album because is out of standard and with many stickers about Italia 90, so it has to be in my collection of WC albums :)

Vallardi decide to do something different than Panini, so cut completely Serie C and about Serie B only flags. But they add many stickers and lot of shiny ones about Top 11 of Serie A, Goleador and mainly about 26 international football stars that will play at Italia90 and not only as you can see in the pics

i think this is also first album with stickers of referees and... page of update stickers! Almost 10 years before Panini. And like Panini to have the update stickers you have to order directly by Vallardi after february 1990

Here i put only 2 pics, front cover and update stickers pages, all rest in the showcase. I hope you enjoy!



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I have never seen this album, but it looks really nice. I like many statistic information, though the text on the margins seams a bit too much. Perhaps they should have added it somewhere else. I have take a look at your showcase photos, and I really like the shiny stickers publisher printed.

Album paper seams to be of nice paper, magazine paper if I am correct? Players photos seams sharp also. Is this something like official or pirate album? Was it licensed by Calcio or?


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Is not a pirate album, was sold in the shops like Panini. For sure in that period (and before) there wasn't any exclusive about Panini with Italian Federation. We had many albums and editors like Lampo, Vallardi, Flash has published albums for several years. Also Merlin tryed to stay in the italian market but with no good results. Also now Merlin albums (published end of 90's) has not big value. For us there isn't the "album", there is "album Panini". This is reason why i really don't think someone could replace Panini with italian championship. Many has tryed...

About license I think there was some kind of agreement directly with club. I can think this because, as you can see, there aren't official flags/logo of the club. So could be a kind of agreement only with Federation but not directly with the club.

Now Panini has a contract with FGCI and LEGA Serie A/B/C and then this money is distributed a part to the clubs. But I don't think is a kind of exclusive like it is for Champions Leaugue or Euro Cup. Panini is also sponsor of Lega A, you can see Panini logo during interviews.


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@Pavle maybe I have an answer about. If you look the last pic in the showcase, on the right, there is written "this album was authorized by AIC who has collaborate to realize it". So AIC is Italian Association of Players, so I can imagine they had license by players but not by club
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