USA Sports Cards for UK collectors


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Please remove if not allowed, but I came across this website via Twitter and thought i'd share the love. If you're a UK fan who wants to get hold of USA stuff without paying crazy shipping costs and customs etc, this is the place to go it seems.

Not sponsored and I'm not the owner (I'd be opening WAY more product if I were!) just wanted to share the love



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Very inflated prices.

For example Playoff football(lower end product for gridiron footy) 2019 hobby box is around $90 US maybe a few dollars more on ebay(as expected). It's listed at £120 which is about $155 in todays currency rate. Shipping and custom tax should not equate to $65 mark up.


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You would be mistaken/surprised. That's without the customs charge.
Not surprised. Been using them 2 USA sites for years now. They always have sales going on for every occasion so prices will eventually drop on new hobby boxes or other stuff. I get a bit of me footy high end cards from them. You can get Topps Chrome champions league 18/19 for like $30-40 but postage is nuts to the UK.


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As most of you know (or should), any self-promotion or commercial activity is not allowed here, UNLESS it's really relevant and helpful to our members.

Assuming @NoviceJourno is not promoting the shop, I left this thread online because it might help indeed UK collectors purchasing US products, always a problem we all dealt in the past... Although the shipping does seem too expensive (yes, I realize it's a expedited shipping, possibly with customs fees already included?), so not sure if it's helpful at all.

However, we at CardzReview ask you all to avoid any promotion to any store, as much as possible. We still have plans to add payment plans to publishers, sponsors and shops who want to advertise with us, just like I wrote past year with the Patreon account setup, though me and @Pavle are always busy with our daily life and jobs. In any case, our view is that many shops (and members too!) have already garnered sales thanks to our members willing to help each other, but honestly, it did not benefit CR at all.

Don't take this as some kind of censorship, you're most welcome to still share and credit all the quality info you may find only in sellers/shops. But let's avoid any kind of promotion to certain seller/shop, ok?

Thank you all for understading.


sorry in advance in case this is not the correct thread to post, but i didn't find a more appropriate one.

Is there a thread discussing (or trading) USA Sports Cards cards, especially for Basketball (NBA) collections?
I checked the general sections but there aren't many threads of such collections and even those only have a few posts.
I believe the interest in USA sports cards in increasing all across the globe...


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