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I am looking for help.
If you look at this blog post from famous Old School Panini: http://www.oldschoolpanini.com/2018/04/mexico-86-stickers-update.html
you will see this: In 2002 Panini made some replica books of the last World Cup stickers albums. This books were the same as the stickers albums but at the end there is a page with additionnals sitckers as we can see today with the Transfert Set.

Does anybody know about which book is he talking? Book from 2002? It's not World Cup Story album or recently Panini books (1970-2010 and 1970-2014). Maybe it's just a work for some Panini collector.

He also made a post for 1990 updates: http://www.oldschoolpanini.com/2018/04/italy-90-stickers-update.html
1994: http://www.oldschoolpanini.com/2018/05/usa-94-stickers-update.html
and 1998: http://www.oldschoolpanini.com/2018/05/france-98-stickers-update.html


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I think , it's his personal production . Nice production but i see three mistakes ;) .

On 1990 , R. Milla with Camerun , right french is Cameroun , not Camerun .
On 1998 , Carlos Dunga , right is only Dunga
On 1998 , Javier Zanetti , right is Javier Adelmar Zanetti like 2002 and 2006 .


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Ok. Thank you. They why he wrote it's from Panini book :confused: It's a good page but he sometimes wrote stupid mistakes. Like he did with WC 2018 managers. On left picture is not Vladimir Petkovic, Swiss coach but some other player with same name. He did same mistake for last EURO and somebody told him about this mistake but he did it again.

18 Suisse - Vladimir Petkovic.png


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This is from the Panini World Cup 1970-2014 with the green cover !

I got the "World Cup" and "Euro Cup" books and each got stickers update at the end of some recent collections !

I can send pictures of the pages when I come back home if you want ?


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