Unknown issuer World Cup stickers (?) - Arabic language


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Do you know those stickers; I've got them, but I really don't have any informations :
-Gallego is from "Panini Argentina 78"
-Altobelli, Allofs, Stielike, Rummenigge, Müller from "Panini Euro 80" (not same zoom every time)
-Hrubesch (and Altobelli cf. "Panini World Cup Story"^^) from "Panini Espana 82".
-French players: Mystery (like Magath and Marini)
Probably it's from Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia because it's written in french and arabic. If somebody could help me^^


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Of course , i think too is an album north african ( Maghreb ) .

I never see this album and this stickers .


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I'm sure we can find somebody on the forum who could translate the backside or what is written on red on the stickers.


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The Text on the back says:

Giants of football on the field
Argentina - Brazil - Spain - France - Holland - Italy - West Germany
Collect pictures of players of two different teams and win a football
Collect pictures of players of five different teams and win a cassette radio
Collect pictures of players of all seven teams and win a color tv

At the end there is an address where one should turn to: Omar bin Said Bafnil in Mekka

On the front on the left side it says that it's presented by Regal Picon, that's a cheese brand.


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Tesekkur ederim!!! (remember from my trip in Istanbul...)

"Regal Picon" is like "La Vache qui Rit". So these stickers were given in cheese boxes.

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