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What is this collection? The sticker is stuck somewhere in Köln next to the Dom. I hope it's "my Panini" because I really don't know ^^



I think this sticker belongs to a local series >> in the last 3-4 years we have some new sticker-publisher for special sticker-albums. Many local clubs now have the possibility to bring their own album out.
Like that >> https://www.stickermanager.com/en/collections?query=&type=&account=628&published=
In most cases it is a collaboration with EDEKA (supermarket) >>For every purchase over 10 euro you get a pack with 5 or 6 stickers. The same like "Carrefour" in France or Belgium. Just not from panini


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You're right! I didn't know this kind of albums! I checked their website and the design of the stickers is the same. The sticker is issued from the collection SV Freistett.
Danke für die Information!
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