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Unknown 1978 World Cup Sticker Album


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Hello all, so I am not a sports fan but my family is from Colombia and I found this when I was cleaning out a closet and could not find any information on it online. I uploaded the first few pages for your viewing. Anybody recognize this?



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This album is from "Fher", Spanish Editor, probably for South America.
In France, the same album was issued by Ageducatif with a different cover and in England by FKS with the same cover as in France.


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Thanks for the help guys, I am sure I will find more soccer stuff (I know I have a similar Italia 90 book that I did when I was in Bogota as a kid), and show you all if it's neat.


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Yes , it's Fher album .

On Iran pictures , number 76 and 79 , its a same player , and number 80 and 90 too .

Kempes not on album , strange , bad choice from Fher , and Beckenbauer is here , he stopped in 1977 with Der Mannschaft .