UEFA Champions League Sticker Album 21/22


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France : 7€
Spain : 7 €
Germany : 2€
UK : £2.50
What is this f..... pricing policy!!!
So I did like you, I ordered from Topps Germany and pay 2.20€ for sending it to France!
I've "battled" with Topps regarding that issue for a couple of years, they never listened... we in Portugal are dependant of spanish Topps in some products and yet, we pay outrageous shipping and never have access to free shipping like spanish do... however, it's so cheap to buy from Germany + it's definitely coming from an EU country, so no customs (and here they love to tax every single thing coming from outside EU).


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Ended up paying the french shipping price cause didnt see yours guys posts before damn, will defently look that next time

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