UEFA Champions League Sticker Album 20/21


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Wonderful review @Ceesmk, addressing the problems this album had... Rookies section doesn't make sense, unless you're indeed eyeing the rookie market... What bugs me a bit is how all player stickers in 26 teams are in the bottom part, this makes the album thicker in that part... And the infography they added was a good idea in my opinion, except when it doesn't make any sense like in Rennes team.

Let's see how it'll be for the next season, because from what I searched, UEFA still has the "Collectibles" licensing on sale... Strange, I thought with all this rookie madness, at least Topps would keep going for it, to keep exploring that "secondary market" said by the ecommerce dude... But Brexit might have a toll in this, as Topps keeps their main operations in UK and still have to export quite a lot to other european countries.

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