UEFA Champions League Sticker Album 18/19


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Nice preview. And this confirms that Topps will keep selling UEFA Champions League sticker albums and cards.

And this means that we will have 4th edition of FIFA 365 :p

One thing that I beg to Topps.

Please sort the teams by group! :rolleyes:


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Can't be the final product. Firstly, why Dortmund & ManURE on the cover and not Bayern & Man City.

Should not the Champions of England & Germany be on the cover?

I understand CR7 is one of the best players in the world so he gets a corner along with Messi but Lukaku & Reus. Come on Topps!!!

Secondly, stickers look on the small size just like last season & only 15 players per squad. MAMMA MIA!!!

Another colossal fuck up by Topps if this is the final product. Boss!!!