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I begin to explain from left to right. With Mundicromo albums.

Deportivo Coruna Collection (mix)
It's on the album Megafichas, and are most Mundicromo trading cards from the first year until the year that began with the Quiz League.
At the end of the album is cards and stickers of players or former players in different leagues (Polish, Greek, Italian .....)

Las fichas quiz de la liga 2016(mundicromo)
666, are complete, I have less than 150 Platinum, you can see up in a box where the Platinum are the reps, trading cards and hundreds of versions out there. In the same box, which is the largest above, are failures, low, UH ...

Cromos de la Liga (mundicromo)2003
For they are all but Duda, can pasaros photos of other difficult as Riano, Nuno, Rivaldo (is repe), etc.

Ultra Pro Collectors Album
It is completely new, I bought a couple of weeks ago, and was going to start another project that can no longer be.

The top carton having another stack of trading cards above:
Le Schede Calcio 2000/2001
There are well over half, including many difficult. It is in perfect condition, and repeated carry more than 200 cards, to continue making the collection to finish.

Now Panini albums.

League Este 15-16
Has more than 100 attached, all in perfect condition.

Euro 2016 France
new album also going to do to stop now. It has no punch and is great.
World Cup 2006 Germany
Has less than 10 glued, so almost completely empty. Inside it is in perfect condition, but has a lid with some Dobladez.

Now Select

Select Soccer Pack:
- No. 13 Ivanovic (Serbia)
- No. 22 Neymar (Brazil)
- No. 40 Mesut Özil (Germany)
- Issue 62 Kun Aguero (Argentina)
National Pride:
- Nº49 Van der Vaart (Netherlands) 134/299
First Team (with piece of shirt):
-FT-W Willian (Brazil) 154/199
-FT-LYN Layún (Méxcio) 164/199
Select Stars (with piece of shirt):
-ST-JH Hart (England) 026/199
-ST-DC Diego Costa (Spain) 081/199

MatuLiga 2013
A lot of pogs and stickers, among tazos are some of the "complicated". They are 20-somethings.

The two boxes of envelopes Mundicromo
A Repes hides from other years as 2000, 2003, 2008 ...) and spare other years as of 2004 there are quite as McManaman, Emerson, many "best" and so on.
The other has another batch of Mundicromo trading cards of players who liked me or former Depor or things that seemed strange .. From Luis Enrique at Real Madrid, Bebeto in Seville until Lucas in the Ray or Tristan in Cadiz. There are over 50 as well.

The other two half boxes, more elongated
One has enough envelopes with stamps from other countries since many collect and sometimes sent to people. The other:
- Spaniards around the world: Thank stickers of Spanish players in teams of other countries like Romania, Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, England, Italy, Portugal. The oldest are from Liverpool about 10-11 years ago signed Merlin, and the newest are this season Greece, Romania, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal (Casillas), but there are many seasons.
- Cracks and curiosities from other countries: For too many stickers and chrome some players that I liked as German cromos 22-23 years, the first ManU Beckham, Rooney, Everton Lampard in Chelsea, Ronnie in Milan, Ibra Totti, Adriano, Forlan .... lots of variety.

Romanian and Greek League 15/16 15/16
Romanian more than 120 stickers, from the Greek about 30, also some older Greek league.

Adrenalyn Turkish League 2014-15
For between 15-20 Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas.

About 10-15 cards three years ago, all in perfect condition.

adrenalyn Poland
About 3 cromos

Lot of trading cards Jugón
Chromos several collections which brings Jugón.

I´M LOOKING: Football shirts around the world. With name, without name, etc, etc..
I can swap shirts too, and match tickets and other objets. To look my galery, contact me or add me in Mi Colección del Dépor in Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012429434974 )
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