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Tschutti 2016

Tschutti is very interesting project from Switzerland:

Instead of real pictures,
they have different artists painting players and teams.
Their first collection came in 2008 and just had 3000 Albums,
but quick many collectors wanted to join.

They have a collection every two years (just for major tournaments) and donate some part of the money to social projects

They started the campain for the next collection

Their homepage is http://www.tschuttiheft.li/

Unboxing and Album from 2014:


And here are 2 Stickers of my favorite player


Staff member
I cracked up with "Messi by Mr. Ed"... Unconsciously, I pictured a horse drawing a "Messi-horse" :rolleyes:

Manfred has those collections, certainly he'll like the news ;)


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I cracked up with "Messi by Mr. Ed"... Unconsciously, I pictured a horse drawing a "Messi-horse" :rolleyes:

Manfred has those collections, certainly he'll like the news ;)
Yes, I do like the news. I sold those packs in 2014, still have a bunch, so if anybody is interested.....


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The idea to protest against the high prices for stickers and the donation for social projects is great.
The realization with many different artists with different skill level and often exaggerated representation of players faces scares me off.
Probably I'm just too narrow-minded to see the fun in it.

Only Panini is the REAL deal.


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That looks well nice. Kudos to the artists who drew all the players.

So many products out this year it is one that I will give a miss, unfortunately.


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I have found and bought the Tschutti 2012 and 2014 on ebay; I find these albums really amazing! So original, with sometimes intelligent political messages. I really like them! Thank you to @paradogs77 and @Manfred ; without them, I would maybe never hear something about these albums
I hope to have the possibility to collect the 2016, and to find the 2008 and the 2010.

For me it's clear; this spring and this summer, there are 3 collections: Panini Euro 2016, Panini Copa America Centenario...and Tschutti 2016!
Collection will be released in Switzerland and just very few german shops,
and if I remember correctly,
they were shipping albums and packets to other countries.

great to see many collectors going for these, I will put up a list of my wanted players when they are released...


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First pictures of Tschutti 2016; I just received it.



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Pictures from Tschutti 2016 (complete album)