Trade Evaluation - Find out if your trade is fair


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If you are unsure if the trade you are making is fair for both sides, you are free to post it here and other members will try to give you tips and their opinions on the trade.

Make sure to post what you are offered, and what you are offering in details, so that members can help you out properly.

Here is an example of a well written trade evaluation post :


I am having troubles with evaluation of my trade.

Here is what member X offers me : Sticker Album complete
Here is what I offer to member X : 10 Limited Edition packets

Is this trade fair or not in your opinion?"

Make sure to give as much details as possible. If you do not wish to reveal am members nickname when posting an evaluation, that is fine, you do not have to.

You must understand that in order to have a successful trade, both parties must be 100% satisfied. Respect others in order to be respected.

Members will give their opinion on your trade, but that does not have to mean they are right or wrong. They will just give an opinion, which is a personal preference. It is always up to you to decide if the trade is fair or not.


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Hi guys
I have gotten some extra WC/Euro-albums and I can't figure out how much they are worth, how rare they are etc. Can some of you nice collectors help me out? Most of them have a few stickers, so they are not full or empty. Except one of my WC-94-albums, that is empty.

I have gotten:
World cup 90 norwegian edition from Panini
Euro 92 swedish edition from Panini
World Cup 94 swedish edition from Panini

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