Topps SPFL 2021-22 sticker collection


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Good old days when the Scottish League was included in the Panini albums.
For us old school UK collectors from the late 70's early 80's. Yes am a bit of an old fart. :D


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I would be interested, for as long as its not just a basic album much like the last few seasons Premier League albums.


Anyone got hold of one of these yet? Nothing available, that I can see, online. Looks alright but I'm guessing the quality is fairly low-grade like a lot of Topps' sticker collections.


I picked up the free album+6stickers on the way out of Tesco at work. Partick Thistle are included by the way. The legends and the Championship teams are a welcome addition, but there are only twelve players per team, there looks to be one for the manager, and a two-piece for the squad. Wished they'd pushed the boat out and included divs one and two. Basically a stop-gap collection, but at 10p a sticker you can't complain.

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