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Do you like this idea of individual cards for Gameweeks from Premier League?

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New Custom Cards produced by Topps...

Now available on the UK Topps Official website where sales per cards are for 24 hour period after each round of fixtures in Premier League. The top moments of the week are portrayed in cards.

Popularity looks like it will be minimal however if your a fan of a Premier League club may want to pick up their cards when they are featured. Each card is currently priced at £9.99. Currently approx. 120 - 250 cards sold each time depending on the importance of club and fanbase. May increase now available actually in UK but prices still expensive however UK buyers don't have to worry about ridiculous shipping fees from the US now!!


Janssen - 209 sold

Lukaku - 176 sold

Zlatan - 225 sold

Barnes - 129 sold

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