Topps MLB Collection 2015


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I wanted to put some more information in about the MLB album from Topps and hopefully show the comparison with the NHL album from Panini between the two new threads I am making. I only got the starter pack plus 10 packs for this album, so its far from complete as you will see in the photos.

For 2015, Topps has the rights for Major League Baseball.

I like stickers and thus am working on this album, but I really kinda hate it. You get the impression that Topps management took the "well fuck these guys, they will buy it anyway" approach when making this album.

-It has no shiny stickers. None.
-Other than 9 player stickers for each team, there is nothing added (with the exception being the center section)
-they do have a center section, but its literally just the team logos. This would be cool, but the stickers are much too large for the rectangles provided, so its just sloppy and makes my OCD go crazy.
-player selection is bad (for example, Detroit Tigers include Nick Castellanos but dont include Victor Martinez, Sanchez, or Iglesias. Nobody that knows baseball would have put Castellanos ahead of those players)
-traded players are all over this, including big name trades that happened way before the season started. If a major superstar moves teams, you would think that would be correct in a sticker set

cover and back:
IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0250.JPG

The best team in baseball, the Detroit Tigers:

The center:

And a closeup on the terrible:

Note that not only are they too wide, but they also are too tall. Its literally my nightmare.

So that's all that I have for now, if anyone has any questions on it, please let me know!


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Thanks for sharing the info. Very interesting set, but what on earth happened with those oversized stickers? Were they cut by a blind man? (No offense to blind people of course, I am sure they would do it much better than this).
This is probably the worst cut Topps sticker ever. You might try cut them yourself as they really look bad like this. Either with a scissors or even better paper guillotine.
At first I though you are not precise at placing stickers, but now I see that they are cut poorly by Topps.
Too bad there are no shiny stickers. Really poor work by Topps on this one.

How about statistical info in the album? Are there any interesting sections inside?


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WOW... How did they manage to do such oversized stickers ??? This is incredible. The center page is pretty cool but completly destroyed by these joke stickers...


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Yeah I'm kinda annoyed by the large stickers myself. But I bought this album primarily to practice before I started working on any others. I figured I could develop proper sticker technique before actually putting stickers in my World Cup albums.

As far as stats go, there's nothing here. The first page is a team, and the last page is a team. The only bonus is the center spread with the giant stickers.


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This was a collection I would only buy if it was on sale, at least 50% cheaper, even if I cared about baseball.

What a mess they did there in the logos pages, Topps should be sued for such amateur work.

Aside from that, cover is nice (why the heck they put the free stickers ad there?) and back cover too... Not having shinies is not a concern to me, though they could at least have done like the last CL sticker collections, the top player being shiny... And the logos too.

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