Topps MLB 2016 stickers


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I just completed the set. My general impressions:
+ really easy to complete (cheap!): I bought 1 box of 50 packs with 8 stickers per pack and completed the set. This would be impossible with any of Panini modern sets.
+ mascot stickers: not something you see in sticker collections on regular basis, but for some reason some of the best known mascots are missing (e.g., Wally the Green Monster)
- album is physically of low quality: small and thin
- very little information in the album: no birth dates, statistics etc.
- rosters are not up to date (even some 6 months old transfers ignored) + some rosters imbalanced: e.g., Rays have 5 pitchers out of 8 players represented
- a lot of unused white space on stickers
- many of the sticker photos are bad: players looking inside the sticker, so can't see the face/players in sun glasses/some catchers are in masks
- all stickers are regular plain paper stickers: no special/glossy stickers

Overall I am not very positive. This is my video review of the completed album:


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I decided to start a small project! Every day the Yankees are playing this season I will be opening three packs of Topps 2016 MLB sticker collection. Each sticker with a Yankees player or logo will count as a run for Yankees and each sticker with an opponent’s player or logo will count as a run for the opponent’s team. If it is a draw after 3 packs I will be doing extra innings, I will be opening one pack at a time until on of the teams scores to determine the winner. At the end of the season I hope my Yankees will make it to the post-season!

So today is the opening day game at the Yankees stadium against Houston Astros:

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