Topps Match Attax UEFA Champions + Europa League 2021/22

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In case anyone is planning on collecting this set, please be aware that Topps have released 1st Edition Multi-Packs to various different stores in the UK - and each set of Multi-Packs is different, and you can find an exclusive Superstar card (which is pictured at the top right of each stores Multi-Pack set). I don't believe these exclusive Superstar cards are going to be available in the packets of the main release.

Vardy (SUP4) - Co-op
Lewandowski (SUP7)- WH Smith
Rice - McColls
Alexander-Arnold (SUP3) - Asda
Son - One Stop
Haaland -

Coming soon
Rashford - Sainsbury's
Foden - Tesco

I've spent today driving round various stores trying to get my hands on these limited products. Half the stores I went to didn't have any (or were sold out).

The bad news is that each Multi-Pack costs £3.99, and the exclusive insert is available 1:10 Multipacks, which means it costs approx £39.99 to get each of the cards I've listed above. To obtain all eight cards is going to be quite difficult and very pricey for most people. I live in Scotland, and we don't have any One Stop shops in my country (only in England and Wales!).

I used to get annoyed at Topps Bronze, Silver, Gold Limited scams, but this is taking the collecting hobby to new levels of rip-off (in my opinion)! To expect collectors to buy 80 (£319.20) of these 1st Edition Multi-Packs in order to obtain the very rare cards (if of course they are lucky enough to find the exclusive card in the ratio that Topps claim) is pushing their greed to new levels.

What are other UK collectors opinions of this latest scam? Are others finding it difficult to get their hands on these 1st edition multi-packs? Or have Topps pushed this new collection too far and you've reached the point of enough is enough??

For what it is worth, from my experience today - I managed to find the three cards which I have numbered above and the ratio's were about 1:10. The Multi-Pack also contains a random Limited Edition. I got 17 different Limiteds, with the highest number being LE30!

Am interested to hear other collectors views on how these card companies keep coming up with different ways to get serious collectors to have to part with more and more money if we wish to complete their sets.


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I think we have come to a time when you have to say goodbye to being able to collect all cards in a collection. It all started a few years ago at Panini with the Limited Editions, the number of which kept increasing and was no longer in proportion to the cards to be collected.

Topps is in no way inferior to this, although the limited editions are still within manageable limits, but there are more and more exclusive cards and packs. Ask the collectors outside the UK how difficult it has become for them, as much of it is only available exclusively in the UK. The 1st Edition Multipacks are just the latest example.

And to make it clear: If you really hunting down all 8 exclusive cards, then you will already have half of the base cards in the collection and almost all of the Gold Limited Editions, but hardly any specials cards. To get these you will then have to buy so many of the other products again that you get all of these base cards again. The bottom line is a gigantic work of base cards garbage production

But that is basically not Topps alone. Both major manufacturers are on the same level here. See the Platinum Baller of the new PL AXL collection. If you really want to collect all 9, you have to buy 9 boxes with 70 packs each (so spend around 600 pounds). And no one will be able to collect all of the autograph cards and memorabilia cards that have been added in the meantime (unless you buy them all for enormous sums on the secondary market)

So you have to be prepared for the fact that in the future there will always be a certain part of the collections for everyone to collect and then another exclusive part for all those who don't know what to do with their money.

The difficult thing is to draw a line for yourself. Do you always take part in these attempts by manufacturers to increase their sales, or do you begin to resist these temptations and only buy what is really necessary for the main part of the collection.

Personally, I'm just afraid that more and more collectors will drop out completely, because the European way of collecting always includes a certain way of completing a collection, and manufacturers are now making that more and more impossible.


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The hobby is becoming more and more Americanised. North American collectors are not set collectors.

They go for the Auto cards, relic/mem cards & low serial numbered cards & parallels.

A minority of them care about completing a base set of 100 for example, never mind 300 + like Panini & Topps Europe collections we are used to.

Another trend is they only collect players that they like or players that come from Universities they went to or lived close by.

Topps & Panini Europe are taking the same path with their collections since Corona started.

Not only do we have the high end Topps Chrome, Finest, Panini Prizm and such but now we have Match Attax Chrome and Merlin among others.

Platinum GB doesn't interest me at all apart from Allison. Don't care for the rest cos I ain't spunking 600 bloody pounds on 9 boxes. I'm happy with the regular GB that come out in regular boxes.

Bottom line, collect what YOU LIKE and the players YOU LIKE. Don't try to get everything because you will not enjoy the hobby. That's my advice.


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I'm back to collecting cards in 2020, after 20 years break, when i was 16.
And i'm shocked how many different series are released!
So many Limited Edition cards, so many different series like Match Attax, Match Attax Extra, Match Attax 101...etc... I don't say anything about premium series.
I have to think what to do with upcoming new series AXL, MA and more. My wallet may not be able to bear the load of this amount of products...


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Would any Spanish members be willing to sell the Rosa & Azul update packs from this seasons Match Attax 21/22?

Would be willing to pay & cover postage to the UK.


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Hi. I have a complete (not open) multipack update Iberia version (part 1 & 2). I will exchange it for the Italian version (part 1, 2 & 3) and of course I will pay the difference. Anyone interested? Regards, Michal


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Hello, I am looking for updates from Italy and Scotland, I have an update in Berica or Spanish to change and also pay the difference, if someone has these two updates let me know, thank you.


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Topps Italy fu.k me again. They send me two packs number 3, viola, of Italian versión Update and they dont send the number 1, rosa


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I’ve managed to pick up a set of loose Spanish update cards from EBay. Still looking for the 3 Italian update packs.

i have a set of the 2 UK update packs & a set of the 2 Scottish update packs. (All Sealed)

Would be willing to arrange a swap or pay for the Italian packs?


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Well went and bought the live stickers on the topps website and said to myself why not buy a megattin just because, and see if im lucky to get a auto or jersey card, not that i need the limited or other, just to try and get a relic card well it paid off look at this beauty, would love to get something from a player i like better, but im pretty happy



Does anybody know if somewhere it's still possible to find the advent calendar of this collection?
I can still find mega / mini tins (also un topps site) but not the advent calendar....


Again about the advent calendar / festive box .... Does anyone know / remember what exclusive cards were inside this box? Just 13 cards?
The CC1-CC7 and LECC1-LECC6?

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