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Hello everyone...Happy New Year for everybody!!
I m here to tell you all that Topps launched recently here in Brazil 03 editions of international collections!!
UCL 16 17, Premier League 16 17 and Star Wars Rogue One UK similarity, not the US ones!
My impressions:
Comparing with the Europe EDITION heres they made short collections, we dont have any tins or balls with LE cards and the special subsets are in less quality!For example..Real Madrid subset here is in white and blue..not that contrast of blues and shinny like Europe edition!!
Star Wars is a little better quality but we dont have the mosaic cards and plastic ones...and a part of foil ones is not shinning as UK edition!!!So sorry!!
But one think i have to applause is the starter pack they launched here of UCL..the check list is bigger..better to check the collection with larger photos and self instructive!!
Lets go now!!!
Im trying to complete my Premier League of Topps 15/16 the regular and the Extra ones and my force awakens by Star Wars 15 and 16 launched in UK( UK version)...If anyone wants to see or buy or swap the Brazilians edition i told above let me know!!I can send pictures of all collections and explain more about each ones here, by email, whatsapp etc lol!
Sorry if this part of Forum is not apropriate to write this kind of thread!
To finish let me tell you one more thing...we dont have any binder of premier league at the moment, they just launched UCL and Rogue One!
TY everyone and let me know if the brazilians ones is a wishlist of yours!!!


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Lets give some pictures from premier league and UCL brazilian edition...



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Nice, thanks for the info and the photos. So is the checklist for the UCL 16 17 the same as in the European edition?
Yep my friend..but some pages are in Portuguese...its curious because the Real Madrid subset cards page looks the same as International Edition design..but the Brazilian is a bit different as shown in these pictures i posted!
I think ill do an youtube video in English to show more things!!
If so, i ll let you know!!

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