Topps EURO 2024 Germany - news, rumours etc.

Will you collect Euro 2024 sticker album by Topps?

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When Topps takes over the right to produce stickers, it will finally be easy to stop buying endless mass-produced series. I have been liberated!


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Is there anything for at least a 'Road to UEFA Euro 2024'?
Qualies are over, album is (or atleast should be) coming in 4-5 months plus all domestic league collections are being relased in next few weeks so I really don't see any point, business or otherwise, in relasing it.


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Cant wait for this collection. Panini has made some uuuuugly albums the last few tournaments.

PS: Anyone knows if Topps will have the rights for Germany, Italy, France and England, or we will see the stickers without kits and no badges/emblems?


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Might be too early to ask but: Do you guys think Topps will make hardcover albums for this collection ?


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For me , the best choice , pack updates stickers with 3 teams available at the end of May

And you ?
I prefer the album coming out in May but with the new jerseys and all the qualified teams we have enough to collect, Calciatori (very soon), premier league, Bundesliga, fifa 365 etc..


I hope that it's not the final result. C'mon Topps, even a kid can make this kind of stickers
You better hire Vortep
I really think they're gonna make something as they did for the NL


Haaland on the cover
Lewandowski too
France, Germany, Italy and England without a license

I recently heard from a YouTuber that Panini, as a result of the renewal of its agreement with FIFA, will publish a collection of the world's main teams in 2024.
I wish they would publish a "Europe 2024" with the teams qualified for the Euro in Germany...

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