Topps Bundesliga 2020/2021


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Back in black (!)
Starter pack and tin.
10 (!) stickers per pack for 1 Euro - so price was reduced.
410 stickers to collect.
1st and 2nd Bundesliga.
4 pages for every team from 1. Bundesliga, only badge and star player sticker for 2. Bundesliga teams.
12 players per team, badge, fan choreo 3 piece sticker, star player, duo, home and away shirt.
Intro page and last season review double page, league table with removable team logo stickers, build your favourite 11 double page, virtual Bundesliga double page.

First impression: Better than before, some interesting features, more facts .
12 regular team players stickers no way acceptable.
2. Bundesliga part not worth mentioning.

No real contender with Panini’s Premier League album.



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Looks like another average release from Topps Germany. Watched a few vids on youtube. Shame.
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