Topps Bundesliga 2018


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Another ‘basic’ edition coming.
Less than 300 stickers to collect.
14 players for each team, team sticker , shirt sticker and coach only printed.
2nd division: badge only and printed top player.
Two album versions available.
One regularly distributed in the north of Germany the other only available at Aldi supermarkets in the south of Germany.
1 free sticker pack for every 10 € worth purchase.
Regular pack costs 70 cent.


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Thanks for info @Danju and @Helios

I’m very surprised and disappointed to see that the TOPPS Bundesliga collection is even smaller than the PL one. I hoped you’d still get a better collection than the one we’ve got here but sadly not.

The only hope is that we’ll see Panini back but my guess is that it will still be a while away.

It’s ever decreasing circles!

This year: Less stickers = less sales
Next year: Even fewer stickers = even lower sales

Then it reduces again and hey why print more stickers when sales are sliding! Let’s reduce it again!

Maybe next year they’ll just give us a printed one with no stickers to collect!


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You are damn right! - this will lead to no sticker album at all. I hate the Topps master plan: trading cards first & nothing else after..
Yeah it’s a real shame to have vastly reduced collections for two excellent national leagues.

I’m certain if the album held more stickers with some new initiatives, combined with strong marketing activity it would do very well.

I think you’re right that it will be cards only soon.
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I bought the album this morning....
Team picture is a huge ( 4*2,5 cm ) picture... impossible to see anything!
Pictures of the coaches nearby are okay, 5 were allready switched but almost impossible to keep that up to date.
Center page is commercial only, last page too.
2nd League just has a non shiny badge per team with some prited facts.
I received some free packts at the till for my shopping, buyable stickers were not available ( the till worker could not find them )
stickers are basic and uninspired.


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Breaking news: Topps again got the rights for the next 4 years..:confused:

Sad day ..(where is the crying smiley:eek:)
I’m guessing that may mean the same for the Premier League too.

Did they say if stickers would continue? I’m wondering if they will be dropped in favour of cards.

I have to admit that there is one thing I prefer about Topps in that they don’t appear to photoshop players like Panini has recently.


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This is for Bundesliga only, but probably Topps will take care to keep the premier league rights too.
The PL albums have a much better design , but they are just too small.
Should be 500 stickers at least to collect.

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