TOPPS Bundesliga 2016/2017


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Release date is, as I saw, 17th of January.
As in last years edition we will again have limited stickers of key players printed on foil.
So again collecting the regular one + the foil one BUT!!! this year they get mad!
not all the limited foil sticker can be found in packets but some in magazines only, blisters only, starter packs only and one just on the topps tour. :mad:

I copy and paste the list from into this forum, hope it´s fine for @Jens Schröder.

  • Kevin Volland (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) – Blister
  • Breel Embolo (FC Schalke 04) – Blister
  • Max Kruse (SV Werder Bremen) – Starterpack
  • Arjen Robben ( FC Bayern München) – Starterpack
  • Leonardo Bittencourt (1. FC Köln) – „Top Tor!“-Magazin (1.2.2017)
  • André Schürrle (Borussia Dortmund) – „Bravo Sport“ (9.2.2017)
  • André Hahn (Borussia Mönchengladbach) – „Bravo Sport“ (23.2.2017)
  • Fabian Lustenberger (Hertha BSC) – Topps-Tour
  • Halil Altintop (FC Augsburg) – packets
  • Peter Niemeyer (SV Darmstadt 98) – packets
  • Marc Stendera (Eintracht Frankfurt) – packets
  • Marc Oliver Kempf (Sport-Club Freiburg) – packets
  • Filip Kostic (Hamburger SV) – packets
  • Andrej Kramaric (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) – packets
  • Mathew Leckie (FC Ingolstadt 04) – packets
  • Marcel Halstenberg (RB Leipzig) – packets
  • Jonas Lössl (1. FSV Mainz 05) – packets
  • Jakub Blaszczykowski (VfL Wolfsburg) – packets


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There was a roumor that a drug store company is allready selling this stuff. So today I gave it a try and traveled to the closesed "Müller Drug Store" an surprise, it´s true they sell since yesterday.
I asked the salesman and he told me that the 1st drop was 3 albums and 3 blisters, so I took 1 album and the 3 blisters.
here are some fakts about the album.
Size is as last year not like the, Panini like, CL Album or ( I think Premier league was bigger too, was´nt it ? )
Album has 437 regular stickers + 18 limited stickers so a total of 455.
Album price is 2,50€, blister price is 4,99€ limited stickers in blister are just laying loose behind the packets, so if do not open the blister carefull you might damage them.
IMG_20170107_105622.jpg IMG_20170107_114258.jpg
The album starts with an opener from Raffael of Borussia Mönchengladbach
Inside each team has 4 pages with 21 stickers. Stickers have 2 different sizes in each packet is 1 big sticker and 4 small stickers.
Each team has 1 Badge (small/shiny), 2 jersey stickers together on one (big), a team picture (big), teamcaptain (small), team captain with signature (big), starplayer (small/shiny) 15 player stickers (small) one of them as limited version too.
IMG_20170107_110032.jpg IMG_20170107_110041.jpg
at the center of the album there is a section called "international stars" diveded itno a european part, 2 pages, and a 2 pages part for Africa, America and Asia
IMG_20170107_110054.jpg IMG_20170107_110102.jpg
The last pages of the album are for the 2nd league.
2 teams each page with just a badge and 2 jerseys, as in previous years.
Stickers of players look very poor. limted ones are a little better. I´m not a fan of jersey stickers but okay... and team stickers dont show the whole squad allways but sometimes just a few players celebrating after a goal.
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I ordered two boxes, that arrived today...
IMG_20170113_193245.jpg IMG_20170113_193302.jpg
inside 50 packets and the poster that they used to put in.
IMG_20170113_193337_1.jpg IMG_20170113_193540.jpg
the packets are slightly different , if you look at the barcodes.
Might have to do with the different content, if you think about different limiteds in packets from blisters and from boxes.


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One thing in additon, you can see that on all products there is a price in SFR too, what means the are selling in Swiss too. that reminds me to the 80´s when German collection was distributet in Germany, Austria and Swiss.
As I remember the last years there was no SFR printed on it so they will have expanded. I´m not sure about Swiss league and if they have a own collection but I´m sure it will not be a succsess over there.


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After opening the 1st box I can say ratio is awfull.
50% of the big stickers inside are the same.
I have out of 50, 7 times Schalke jersey, 7 times team photo of Bayern, 6 times Niko Bungert ( Mainz 05 Captain ), 6 times Jersey SV Sandhausen :confused::mad:

On the other hand...
small stickers are good.
not single one twice...
5 limiteds in total and each 10th packet with 2 badges

so... heaven and hell together
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That's why I don't buy boxes now, except when I want to complete 3 or 4 sets (WC and Euro) because I will use my swaps. I prefer to wait and to buy a complete set. At the end it's cheaper
i opened 2 boxes.....first box nearly no doubles of normal stickers...but in the 2nd box nearly all packets have the same players inside :(


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Just got my order. 2 boxes and 1 album. So 500 stickers of wich 345 singles of 437 (92 numbers still missing), 139 doubles and 12 limited.SAM_6515.JPG SAM_6517.JPG
I got three boxes, finished the album and got the ten available limiteds. After battling Paninis horrible Foot 16/17 the past couple of days, it was nice to deal with an album like the Bundesliga
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