To Stick or not to stick!?


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What has the most value... a complete album with all stickers properly stuck, or the empty album with complete loose stickers?
I personally am a fan of collecting completed albums and not the loose stickers, but from a value perspective... What do you guys think?

I'm almost thinking about completing my collection then going back and doing it all with loose stickers just to have both (i know im bored).

Any thoughts are welcomed.


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It's a topic that was many times discussed before. Also here at Cardzreview you can find an older article.

A loose set with empty album has always the highest value.

The most collectors like to stick them, they love the act of process. But there are so many details you are losing when you stick them.
For that reason I only collect loose sets anymore. The value is not the main reason, I'm interested in the different backsides too (difference in colour, typo, ...). Also a backside can be a pleasure for the eye. On the other side you have to investigate in storage, sleeves, binders, ... which makes it all more expensive than just stick it.


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I like them stuck at least they are safe in the album. Having them loose can be a risk of damamge if not protected well.

The only loose ones I have are the shiny stickers, team photos & my favourite players/teams. They are all inside a sticker sleeve made by Ultra Pro.
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Here is an example of what I mentioned above. Sleeves can be found on ebay or amazon or local hobby shops.