Thinking of getting back into the hobby


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Hi everyone,

It's been a while! As some of the members know, I resigned from collecting nearly 2 years go due to many reasons, but most of all because of over-saturation.

During that time I sold some of things from my collection, but there are tons of stuff left.

I am still indecisive about getting back into the hobby. I miss the friends I met I miss all of you guys, I miss this wonderful community we created together from scratch.

Before I get back, I decided to have a focused collection. I will get rid of most of the stuff I do not wish to collect. I am still not sure what I will focus on, but I have pretty good idea what I will not focus on.
If the time allows I will continue selling stuff on eBay.

So yeah, that's the plan, sell, focus and enjoy. No more over-saturation, no more collecting everything, no more mess. I realized collecting is about people not about piece of paper. It's about contacts and friends we make not about stickers/cards.

I can't promise to be active in terms of writing, because I have lots of catching up to do, but I will certainly be more active on the forums.

Take care friends!


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That's definitly a GREAT news !!
Welcome back to YOUR home, the one you kindly created for us.


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"The ghost in the shell";) returns..can't wait to read more of you..I am very curious.


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Hello pavle,

Welcome back !!!!

If you needs some tips on how to be focused on Something with no over-saturation


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Hi Pavle,

Nice to hear you are back. And thanks again for creating this wonderful community I'm visiting every day.

And yet again you are right, collecting is not about what you have but to stay in touch with people that collect.
What I enjoy the most is exchange with other collectors ideas, information, and material.

Sergio Z

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Glad to have you back here, @Pavle. Welcome :D

And, yes... you're right. I decided to focus, too. Last year was like "get tons of collections", and I've just realized I was a careless collector. From now on, I'll focus only in big tournament albums: World Cup (and road to World Cup), Champions League, Euro, Copa América and FIFA 365. And Peruvian League, if there happens to be an album (which I really doubt, unless I design it by myself) :p

Although, if a wild, beautiful and old album appears... (like Brasil de Todas as Copas) :rolleyes:


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@Pavle its been a long time hope all is well, I've collected what I like too. Especially in the US it's difficult to get a couple products. Anyways don't be a stranger haha


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Great to have you back @Pavle

You've created a wonderful website and forum that allows us to speak with so many like minded people. There's nothing else like this for sticker/card enthusiasts.

Long may it continue!
Not spoken to you for a while Pavle, I went through a similar thing and remember saying to you a couple of years ago I was losing enthusiasm for cards but now I am back and happily collecting again as well as selling so good to hear you are back.