The history of the Bolivar club


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Hello guys

This is the first thread I am creating in the forum, I have never done it before. I hope to do it the right way and I also hope you like it ;)

This week went on sale in Bolivia, this album: “The history of the Bolivar club”
Perhaps most of you know very little or nothing about Bolivian football. But this album is dedicated to the history of the most important and best known club in Bolivia.

The Bolivar club is the biggest and most winning team of Bolivian football. And at the international level his maximum achievements were:
  • Finalist of the South American Cup in 2004
  • Semifinalist of the Copa Libertadores in 2014
Almost always he becomes strong playing at home and there he can play equally with any club on the continent, for that reason he is considered among the greats of America.

Now I will tell you about the collection, in my opinion:
  • The album. It is of good quality, the covers are of good material and the sheets of the album are thick and have a very beautiful cover, with the current club shield and with the logo of the official mascot called “Simón” and all with a light blue in the background. The color that characterizes this club.
  • The envelopes. They are simple, the quality of the material is like a sheet of plain paper and they are not sealed, it seems that after introducing the stickers, they have been manually closed and glued.
  • The stickers. Are very thin and of low quality. I mean the print quality and not the resolution because some images are black and white because this album is dedicated to the history of the club and we must take into account that many images are from the 50s - 60s - 70s and 80s . (No shinnies and backside is white)


This album is from a local publisher and unipersonal but it is done under the license of the Bolivar club. It also has many images printed directly on the album and barely has 60 stickers (very little for an album) for that reason I consider this collection, half album and half magazine.

Thanks guys, greetings to all.

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