The Chapecoense Tragedy

Today the plane wich carry the Chapecoense team to Colombia, to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana, crashes on the hills of Medellin and only 3 players survived (very injured). Like 76 is the dead count. Very dreadful and terrible news.



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What a disgrace :( Some days ago, I watched one of Chapecoense semi-finals and they impressed me... I always thought their name was very funny, now I'll always associate with this tragedy... RIP, good fellas.

There were actually six survivors, but goalkeeper Padhilla has passed away... Now it's three players (Zampier, Ruschel and Follmann), an hostess and a brazilian journalist.

Sporting had Marcelo Boeck (former 2nd goalkeeper) playing in Chapecoense, but seems he asked to not go and it was the best decision he ever made.

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I'm still shocked. I saw posts on facebook about the accident late at night and couldn't sleep. :'(

Seven years ago, they were playing at Serie D in Brazil, it's incredible how they worked to reach Copa Sudamericana's final.

All my support and best wishes for the victims' families, friends, most beloved ones and for the club.
This accident hit me very hard. Actually harder than other bad or sad news in a time. I'm still very emotional about this, and curiosly a lot of people is in a similar mood here. Is like the Leicester story last year: David against Goliath, the small team against all the odds. But this not end well: ends in the most horrible and unimaginable way possible. Very unfair.


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after these sad news here in Italy everyone is thinking about Great Torino, the marvellous team (probably the main italian squad of every time, with 10 players who where playing also for national team. I think with that team Italy could have a very big opportunity to win World Cup in 1950) died for a airplan crash at Superga in 1949

I like to imagine somewhere in the sky we're having a great tournament with all these heroes together: Great Torino, Manchester United, All. Lima, Zambia and now Chapecoense and sorry if I forgot some


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You forgot Pakhtator Tashkent in 1979 (1st Division USSR, now 1st Division in Uzbekistan). I remember too a 2nd-league team from Algeria during the 2000s, but I don't remember the name of it. And I'm a hockey fan too, so RIP to Lokomotiv Iaroslav in 2011 (KHL team), with some world superstars who died in the crash.
Lots of teams gonna pay some respects on their respective games. Today Audax Italiano plays against Everton (de viña del Mar) in the 2nd lego of the semi-final of Copa Chile with a special shirt. I know Colo Colo will do the same in the other key against U. Catolica.


real Madrid, Club Nacional de Futbol, America de Cali, Racing de Avellaneda, Huracan, Belgrano, Saint Ettiene, Danubio, Quilmes, Rosario central, Arsenal de Sarandi, Lanus, Sarmiento, Queretaro, and many others will do the same. peñarol gonna play in a green shirt... Respect.


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very sad something like this happens :( watching the news and going on social media watching videos of the team cheer is very sad! They will be in a better place
R.I.P., young people. Life is too short and we have to spend more time caring about each other and doing positive things.

P.S. CSKA Sofia mourns especially for Filipe Machado (second from right to left in the top row of the picture by @Baul de Futbol). Filipe played for CSKA Sofia from 2007 to 2009 and won 2 trophies with the club: the 2008 Bulgarian League and the 2008 Bulgarian Supercup. CSKA supporters will always remember his game winning goal against the archrivals Levski in the 2007 derby. Fans paid tribute to Filipe in front of the Brazilian embassy in Sofia, and the club management decided that a part of the revenue from tickets in the next home game will go to Filipe's family. Filipe was a great guy, always positive and smiling, with good football skills and excellent work rate on the pitch...
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Truly dreadful news for everybody involved and I just wanted to echo the thoughts above. The UK mid-week matches had a minute's silence and I'll be doing the same in Porto on Wednesday night. Very sad indeed.


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I join here to mourn with you. I could never forget the last interview of the coach in the plane before the taking off. He says that he's sure (or he hopes) that this air company was giving them luck. Doom...


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Almost 1 month after the tragedy of Chapecoense, just a few words about the souvenir of an other tragedy: the Lokomotiv Iaroslavl, in the Russian KHL, the 7th September 2011.
The day before the first game of the season, their plane was flying to Belarus for a match versus Dinamo Minsk. They never arrived. Only a stewart survived.
SeReal, the company who had the copyright for the KHL, had already prepared the photos for the sticker album and the trading cards collection. Finally, Lokomotiv didn't play during the season, and SeReal published a "memorial card set" to honor the victims. All the benefits were given to the families.
This is the complete set of 37 trading cards of the players and the staff. 37 is too much...We think about them and about Chapecoense players.