The 1/1 card with auto of Ronaldo , Messi and Neymar in ebay now - Best trading card ever?


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Maybe... I'm not an auto guy, so I'm not really impressed... But yeah, auto-wise, probably the best card published.

Best card for me needed to also have memorabilia pieces from Real Madrid and Barcelona logos... Ronaldo autograph should have more space, some of it didn't fit there... Could be only with Ronaldo and Messi, Neymar wasn't really needed, he's still not consistent enough to be top 3 (Suarez beat him in Ballon D'Or votes, though those votes are always "shady").

And of course, this amazing card would have to be a XXL card... Left part for Messi (he's left footed), right part for Ronaldo, with memo logo pieces separated to each side (and not in the same column as Versus from Futera 2015), making also a Barcelona vs Real card... Heck, what about logos from Argentina and Portugal too? Dual memo pieces! That is my dream card draft :)


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I agree with you on the memo part . dual memo ( club logo ) with autograph will be awesome .

However i think the 3rd best player ( After ronaldo & messi ) should be a midfielder / playmaker like toure , pirlo , alonso or modric .

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