Thai Premier League Stickers Album 2011 and 2012


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Informations (thanks google for the "translation")

The album seems a fake of Panini South Africa 2010; same design, same presentation, but not foils. It's produced by the group of distributors of Panini material in Thailand
The 1st year (2011) was a complete disaster: lots of errors (bad cut stickers, bad impression, errors with numbers of emblems of the clubs, bad players). The paper of the album is very low quality.
For @dantzig , who had lots of problems with boxes Panini Euro 2016; the boxes were a nightmare for the collectors: sometimes only the same sticker every time!!! Moreover, the size of the stickers was different from Panini and collectors have to cut them!

For 2012 (thanks google twice!), same problems: very bad cut stickers, paper of bad quality, but not so many errors.
With the translation some photos become very funny because we understand immediately the problem

I hope to find one day some material; it seems to be the rarest...and the worst collection in the world^^

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