TEKMA Russia 2018


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Does anyone have any scans of stickers for this album or a checklist.
Only the cover of the album can be seen on one or two sites.



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Here you can see a few examples of the stickers

The article states that (will write just a few key points):
  1. There are a total of 339 stickers
  2. Croatian players are fetured on gold cards
  3. 45 best players are also drawn in the form of a caricature (see the pictures in the link)
  4. All pictures are unique and drawn by an academic painter
  5. Every sticker of a football player also has a: Date of birth, Playing position, Market value (taken from the Transfermarkt site) and a Stronger foot symbol. The quality of player is also estimated with the number of stars from 1 to 5 (don't ask me how they decided on how many stars to use for an individual player).
There's no checklist for now, but they included Wayne Rooney, Panini will not do that, at least I hope.

You can also win some awards if you collecet the right number of packs, etc.

That's what I was able to find online, I don't and will not have any scans available as this is not my type of collection...


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Thanks for the information. Not sure about the inclusion of Rooney though.

Was the set put together in 2014?


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Bonucci? anyway seems interesting, hope to find some good swap with croatian friends in future :)


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As far as I can tell there are 11 players for each of the main countries. All of them have been artistically reproduced and there are additional cartoon character style stickers also.

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