Swap ONLY stickers, any version - 2022 World Cup Qatar


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Thought it would be a good idea to start a swap thread for all members here.

We are all collecting similar versions of the WC sticker collection and it would good if we all help each other out. Family & friends first. ;)

A few rules to make things easier:

1-Be specific in the collection you are looking to swap for. Ex: Blue International edition.
2-Post your needs & swaps for all to see here.
3-Keep the discussion to private messages if you wish but if 2 swappers want to discuss on the thread then it's alright, keep it clean geezers. :cool:
4-Update your swaps as soon as a swap is accepted with another member to avoid confusion.
5-Update which member you have swapped with so we all know.

Here is an example of what is easiest to do, IMO.

Need Blue version: BRA 01, NED 02, NED 10, SEN 03, SEN 04, SEN 12
Swaps Blue version: ENG 02, ENG 13, ARG 20, POR 20.
Swapped with Dantzig.

Enjoy the collection and collect what YOU like.


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the thread for WC 2022 Qatar swapping was already opened, so why to open another one:confused:
Qatar swap
The rule is to have only one thread for corresponding collection.


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the thread for WC 2022 Qatar swapping was already opened, so why to open another one:confused:
Qatar swap
The rule is to have only one thread for corresponding collection.
You can open more than one if the subject is different... in your case, you opened to basically swap versions of albums and packets.

I've changed this thread title to be more precise.


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I have a heap of the Swiss Oryx (Burgundy Background) stickers to swap, difficult to swap in Australia. Please get in touch if interested.

Need: FWC4, SEN10, SEN15, SEN20, NED5, NED12, NED17, IRN2, IRN16, WAL17, ARG6, ARG10, MEX8, MEX11, FRA10, FRA15, FRA18, AUS18, ESP5, ESP10, CRC4, GER6, JPN2, JPN7, CAN18, MAR3, BRA2, SRB4, SRB19, SUI7, SUI16, POR6, POR16, GHA1, GHA7, GHA15, URU4, URU12, KOR4, KOR14

Swaps: FWC2, FWC6, FWC7, FWC8, FWC9, FWC10, FWC11(2), FWC12, FWC16, QAT5, QAT7, QAT8, QAT11(2), QAT12(2), QAT13, QAT17(2), ECU2(2), ECU8, ECU11, ECU13, ECU16(2), ECU19, ECU20(2), SEN6, SEN9, SEN12, SEN13, SEN14, NED4, NED7, NED14(2), NED15, NED19, NED20, ENG3, ENG4, ENG7, ENG8(2), ENG9, ENG11, ENG12, ENG13, ENG19, ENG20, IRN3, IRN4, IRN5, IRN6, IRN7, IRN8, IRN14, IRN15, IRN20, USA3, USA10, USA11, USA13, USA15, USA16, USA17, USA19, WAL5, WAL11, WAL12, WAL13, WAL14(2), WAL16, ARG1, ARG5, ARG12(2), ARG13, ARG19, KSA1, KSA2, KSA3, KSA10, KSA13, KSA14, KSA19, MEX1(2), MEX3, MEX12, MEX13, MEX14, POL1, POL2, POL4, POL9, POL10, POL11, POL13(2), POL14, POL17, POL19(2), FRA1, FRA5, FRA6, FRA7(2), FRA12, FRA13, FRA14, FRA16(2), FRA17, FRA20, AUS1(2), AUS2(2), AUS3, AUS5, AUS8, AUS9, AUS10, AUS11, AUS12, AUS13, AUS14, AUS17(2), DEN1(2), DEN2, DEN3, DEN4, DEN5(2), DEN8, DEN9, DEN11, DEN13, DEN15, DEN18(2), TUN1(2), TUN2, TUN5, TUN6, TUN7(2), TUN8, TUN9, TUN10, TUN11, TUN12, TUN13, TUN15, TUN16(2), TUN17, TUN18, TUN20, ESP1, ESP2, ESP3(2), ESP4, ESP6, ESP7(2), ESP8, ESP13, ESP14, ESP16, ESP17, ESP19(2), CRC2, CRC3, CRC6, CRC7, CRC13, CRC14, CRC15, CRC16, CRC17, CRC18, GER1, GER2(2), GER4, GER5, GER8, GER9, GER10, GER12, GER13, GER15, GER16, JPN1, JPN3, JPN4, JPN5, JPN6, JPN8, JPN9(2), JPN13(2), JPN16, JPN17, JPN18, JPN19, JPN20, BEL1, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, BEL10, BEL11(2), BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL15, BEL16, BEL17, BEL18, CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, CAN10, CAN13, CAN14, CAN15, CAN16, CAN19, CAN20, MAR1, MAR5, MAR8, MAR9, MAR10, MAR11, MAR12, MAR13, MAR15, MAR16, MAR19, MAR20, CRO1(2), CRO3, CRO4, CRO5(2), CRO6, CRO7, CRO8(2), CRO9, CRO10, CRO11, CRO12, CRO13, CRO14, CRO20, BRA6, BRA8, BRA9, BRA10, BRA11, BRA12, BRA13, BRA14, BRA16, SRB8, SRB12, SRB13, SUI1, SUI3, SUI9, SUI10, SUI12, SUI13(2), SUI14, SUI15, SUI17, SUI18, SUI19, SUI20, CMR1, CMR2, CMR3, CMR4, CMR5, CMR6(2), CMR8(2), CMR14, CMR15(2), CMR17, CMR20(2), POR2, POR4, POR5, POR8, POR10, POR13(2), POR17, POR19, GHA2(2), GHA3, GHA4, GHA5(2), GHA6, GHA10, GHA11, GHA12, GHA14, GHA16, GHA17, GHA18, GHA19, GHA20, URU2, URU3, URU6(2), URU8, URU9, URU10, URU11, URU13, URU14, URU16, URU17, URU19, KOR1, KOR5, KOR7, KOR12, KOR13, KOR16, KOR17(2), KOR19, KOR20, FWC19, FWC20, FWC22, FWC24, FWC26



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I'm looking to swap and finish my Oryx collection :)
Only 7 stickers left and got plenty of swaps.

- Swapped with dantzig

Need Oryx:
ARG15, POL16, FRA4, AUS20, ESP11, GER2, SRB9

Swap Oryx:
00, FWC1(2), FWC5, FWC12, FWC14, FWC15, FWC16, QAT1, QAT3(2), QAT4, QAT7, QAT8, QAT9, QAT13, QAT15, QAT17, ECU4, ECU8, ECU9, ECU14, ECU15, ECU17, ECU19, SEN3, SEN4, SEN8, SEN9, SEN10(2), SEN11, SEN12, SEN13, SEN16, SEN19, NED2, NED4, NED6, NED9, NED10, NED11, NED12, NED14, NED15, NED16, ENG3, ENG7, ENG11, ENG14, ENG15, ENG19, IRN2, IRN4, IRN6, IRN7, IRN8, IRN14, IRN15, IRN16(2), IRN17, IRN18, IRN20, USA1, USA3, USA4, USA5, USA7(2), USA8, USA10, USA11, USA15, USA16, USA19, WAL1, WAL2(2), WAL6, WAL9, WAL11, WAL12, WAL16, WAL17, WAL18, WAL19, ARG2, ARG3, ARG4, ARG5, ARG6, ARG7, ARG8, ARG12, ARG13, ARG14, ARG20, KSA1, KSA5, KSA6, KSA8, KSA9, KSA15, KSA17(2), MEX3, MEX4(2), MEX5, MEX6, MEX8, MEX9, MEX16, MEX17, MEX19(3), POL1, POL4, POL6, POL9, POL11, POL12, POL14, POL15, POL17, POL19, FRA1, FRA3, FRA5, FRA6, FRA7, FRA14, FRA16, FRA20, AUS2, AUS3, AUS7, AUS9, AUS10, AUS12(2), AUS13(2), AUS14, AUS15, AUS17, DEN3, DEN8, DEN9, DEN17, TUN2, TUN3, TUN4, TUN5, TUN6, TUN10, TUN11, TUN12, TUN15, TUN17, TUN20, ESP1, ESP2, ESP7, ESP8, ESP9, ESP10, ESP14, ESP16, ESP17, ESP19, CRC1, CRC3, CRC5, CRC8, CRC9, CRC10, CRC11, CRC13, CRC16, CRC17, CRC20, GER1, GER8, GER9, GER10, GER11, GER13, GER14, GER15, GER17(2), GER18, GER19, JPN4, JPN8, JPN10, JPN11, JPN12, JPN14, JPN15, JPN17, JPN18, JPN19, BEL2, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, BEL7, BEL9, BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL17, BEL18, BEL19, CAN2, CAN3, CAN5, CAN6, CAN8(2), CAN10, CAN12, CAN15, MAR5, MAR7(2), MAR12, MAR13, MAR18, CRO6, CRO7, CRO10, CRO11, CRO15, CRO16, CRO17, CRO18, CRO20, BRA2, BRA6, BRA8, BRA13, BRA14, BRA16, BRA17, BRA18, BRA20(2), SRB3, SRB5, SRB7(2), SRB11, SRB12, SRB13, SRB14, SRB16, SRB17, SRB18, SRB20, SUI1, SUI3, SUI4, SUI5, SUI6, SUI7, SUI8, SUI9, SUI16, SUI19(2), CMR1, CMR2, CMR8, CMR14, CMR17, CMR18, CMR20, POR4, POR5, POR7, POR10, POR11, POR13, POR15, POR20, GHA3, GHA4, GHA5, GHA8, GHA9(2), GHA11, GHA14, GHA18, GHA19, GHA20, URU1, URU2, URU3, URU6, URU7, URU8, URU9, URU10, URU12, URU13, URU16, URU19, URU20(2), KOR1, KOR4, KOR6, KOR9, KOR10(2), KOR11, KOR12, KOR13, KOR16, KOR19, KOR20, FWC19, FWC20, FWC22, FWC23, FWC29
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