Super Mario Play Time


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I have seen this collection is available here (Croatia) also, looks cool eventhough I didn't collect anything besides football and F1.

However one thing I did notice was that this collection has paralel stickers too.
How to comment that? I mean, I have picked a free album with no intention of collecting it but find it very frustrating.


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If the parallel stickers is just an extra sticker, just like World Cup, then I find no problem... well, even if it's normal, people can just sell for a better price than normal sticker and grab a couple more packets.

However, I would find annoying too to get a parallel sticker of a number I would need to complete my album :p


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What’s annoying me is that Panini UK are showcasing the sticker collection on their website yet it’s all sold out….what’s the point?


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Personally, even though I got a free album and didn't plan on collecting, the parallel stickers are a bit frustrating as they make completing the album more challenging.

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