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Cheers @AndyR I’ll check the Get Shirty documentary.

I remember being the only child in school that owned an Arsenal shirt in the mid-80s! I also had a Leicester one of course!

Annoyingly the Arsenal one got nicked out of my school bag after football training! I’m still miffed about that even now!


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Hi @LeicesterRob,

It is blocked outside the UK :(

We're sorry
This video isn't available right now. Check out our Shows section for more great programmes.

Any video is available.

Hope someone will grabit for the non UK guys.



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Hi @AndyR @Jamiepr74 @Lippysoandso and everyone else of course! Did you watch the documentary?

I thought it was superb and very informative. I literally had no idea about how Merlin was formed out of Panini and the business behind it all.

Interesting to hear how WWF kick-started Merlin when they were almost going out of business.

Great seeing Ryan Giggs go from collector to footballer to collector again (I may of exaggerated the last bit!)
Thought it was a very good watch, and reinforced the opinion that once the cut throated business of Murdoch and especially Maxwell got involved, the standard
of the UK stickers industry deceased in quality. Loved the use of the goals and then the player being stuck in their respective sticker album.

Being not exactly a whipper snapper myself, I remember the quality of the Panini stickers going downhill from about 1991 onwards, and that
seemed to be across Europe aswell, resulting in them horrible large stickers. (I will give exception to Fifa 365 2016 and Euro Football albums of late 70s - as I loved those).

Was trying to think of a season where we were really spoilt sticker/card wise, and I would say it was probably 77-78 season

Soccer Stars 1977-78 by FKS
Football 78 by Panini
Argentina 78 by FKS
Argentina 78 by Panini
Euro Football 78 by Panini

Don't forget the cards
Footballer 78 by Topps

Probably more, but thats what I remember being available in the local paper shop.

Was nothing better than opening them packs up, waiting for maybe a glimpse of gold, or a player from your favourite team. Once you got yourself a decent pile of swaps, off you
trotted, with a swagger to your mates, ready for a serious bit of sticker swapping.

Oh..magazines aswell Shoot, Roy of the Rover, Tiger, Scoop, etc. Really were spoilt for choice as you had Beano/Dandy style comics, on top of DC/Marvel comics also.

No wonder my paper round was long :)

Was interesting hearing the terminolgy used in regards to stickers, always remember the local sayings were 'haven't' and 'got'.


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Great reading your experiences @Lippysoandso!

I remember feeling left out when Mexico 86 was being traded in the playground - I’ve started to collect this 31 years on! Not easy to complete all this time on!

I also remember making friends with the lad that had the biggest pile of Football 86 swaps ever known to an 11 year old at that time! There was no way my pocket money would cover collecting such a big album so you had to make new friends with big piles of swaps!

If my memory serves me correctly I think I retired from sticker collecting in 1987... thankfully my wife unintentionally got me back into it in 2014!


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I made a little story about Panini stickers in British football. There is no topic about Panini stickers in England so I will put it here. I used some words from @Jamiepr74 and also @Ceesmk helped me + author of this book "Stuck on you" Greg.
You can read about todays Topps albums and before Panini FKS albums. Enjoy

Thanks @VladeNV I think you summed it up very well! I think that whilst Match Attax is very popular for the PL there’s sadly very little chance that we’ll see Panini do the stickers for the UK leagues here.

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