Storage for Panini Stickers Packets


Hi. I have a collection of Euro sticker packets, from 1984 to 2016.

I wish I could sometimes display some
(the oldest ones) on my desk


I would like to know that Ultra-Pro One Touch or other magnetic support
fits the sizes of my sticker packets ...

para ultra pro.jpg

(The standard size: 10cm x 8cm). (sorry ... I am confused by the measurements in Inches,
they are not very clear

Or maybe put 2 sealed packages in 1 Magnetic Stand like this:

¿Or is it possible to place 3 or 4 packages on a larger magnetic stand?
... If so, what would it be?

Another aspect is the thickness...

...I want the sticker not to move inside the support,
but they are not so tight either.

Thank you!
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Check the Panini collection storage thread. All been posted there with info & pictures.


My idea is to display them from time to time on my desk, but I imagine that maybe in Ultra Pro Touch there will also be in same size, I will continue searching. Thanks!
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