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Hello :)
My name is Stipe and I'm from Croatia. I used to collect stickers as a child and my first Panini album was Euro 2004. I started collecting again recently. During the World Cup 2014 I started collecting again and I was also able to complete my old Euro 2004 album. :) My collection is still small, I have only around 15 albums (the oldest is France 98) and two card collections, of which only a small number is completed.

I also enjoy collecting unopened sticker packets. I have around 60 right now. It's not much now but it will get bigger in the future.

  • I would like to show you my collection of packets. Hope you like it. :)



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Welcome aboard Stipe, nice stuff, feel free to post more photos as your collection expands.


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Nice packet collection. I have thinked of start one, but I always finish opening all. Maybe later. Greetings!
Thank you :) it is hard sometimes not to open them. I'm also thinking about collecting card booster packs, but maybe in future (only have one from fifa 2002 right now).


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Lovely Stipe. I can imagine there is some rare stickers in them unopened packs.:D

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