Sticker Adhesiveness: What's the oldest sticker you've stuck in an album?


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A question to all sticker collectors... what's the oldest sticker you've stuck into an album?

- Did it stick OK with no need to add extra adhesive?
- Is there a year you wouldn't go past?
- Does the sticker adhesiveness stay better for stickers in unopened packets?

The oldest I've stuck down was 2006 Calciatori and they went in very well.

I've collected 80s football stickers but I'm not certain they will stick well at all. I like to stick the new albums but haven't attempted any of the old ones that I have from over 30 years ago (it's tempting but I'd love to get your views)!


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No problem to stick after 1983 (Panini changed the glue); the backside seems white. Before 1982, it's almost impossible to stick perfectly. You can damage or completly destroy the sticker, which is completly linked to the backside. Use glue, or keep empty album + complete set. Sometimes, it's possible for year 1982 only, if the album is still factory sealed.


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Look at the backside; white after 1983, a kind of yellow before 1983 (between yellow and white in 1982)
It was due to the acid in the glue.

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