Slow Season


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Copa America is done Women's World Cup is about to finish so what albums do we have to look forward too?

I am almost done with my Copa America album (Single & Album)

My Women's World Cup is far from complete


Well I am just starting with my Copa America album now.The things here are really complicated but I am happy that I will start although it is after the tournament :)


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The summer is always slow period for the hobby in general. People are on vacations, kids are not in school, manufacturers are... are.... well not interested in creating anything, so yup its quite silent. You can see that's reflecting the activity of the forum as well. But do not worry, if you intend to buy and complete albums, prices are usually the best right now, when nobody else buys. Simple supply and demand law.
In September everything will be back on track I suppose. Its always been like that.

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