Slovakia Fortuna Liga 2016/2017


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Hi guys!
Here I show you the FIRST and the only one collection about Slovakia local league 2016/2017 season! :eek:
It's an awesome album with all the teams of the Fortuna Liga.
And it's not published by Panini, Carouzel or Topps, it's from a new publisher called ''stickito''
A greek friend had recently found his own editorial and he's begginig with the album of local leagues, specially the Slovakian one :p
As I said before, it's a really interesting collections and not too difficult to find.
You can buy the pre-order in his website (below and just for frebuary). And I don't mean the empty album or sealed packs, I mean you can buy the empty album + complete set for just 40 euros. Also you can order a box, empty album, sealed packs and stickers, but I think the best option is the empty album plus complete set :)
So, it's a good idea for all the collectors out of Slovakia who want to adquire this incredible collection! :D
Webstite of ''stickito'' :
I upload some photos of the album, stickers and sealed pack:


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