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Hello Collectores,

My collection is getting bigger, and i want to know good ways to protect my albuns and maybe if possible with a low budget expose them, someone can help me?



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I must say that this is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. We really do need an ultimate guide for storage of albums. Problem is however, that none of us is 100% sure that his method is the best one. So for now, its the best to experiment, see what works for you from cost-effectiveness side as well.
Here is one thread where one of our member demonstrated creativity, which is probably one of the best ways to display and organize sticker albums.


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@João alves The real question is how do you want to store your collection? I collect single set and album set so for me I have collection set up the way I like it and best way of storage


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Yes is exactly that!

Well when it comes to displaying it's a little tricky. You can always buy glass cabinets to display them,but you have to make sure that the glass is UV proof. Light is probably a sticker/card worst enemy.

Displaying is hard sometimes,but what's better then displaying your collection?

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