Selling to Chine on ebay

Ole Skorge

Any general risk/problems selling and sending cards to China?

Have a few ads on ebay and have already completed (successfully) a sale to China, and have had an new question about postage to China. Both buyers have had about same number of feedback, and both buyers have ask questions about postage (not so strang!) and want to buy more lot (also not so strang!).


I have sent a lot of cards to china.
Some are base cards some were high-end (value 200$)
I always ship tracked and I have never had any issues with anyone there.
But of course it depends from a buyer anyway....


Staff member
There are some concerns with certain postal services around the world and China might be among them... Personally, China is not in my top 3 of bad postal service (or bad buyers who want free or cheap items) and only had few issues with standard shipping, registeres always went well.

Many chinese buyers ask a lot for buying more than one piece you're selling, because they obviously want to resell later.


I think that the reason that some Chinese seller asks you about shipping cost is that the fact the it's extremely

expensive to send registered letter in nordic countries.And here in China,there is few collector of pure completed collection,

they either need some players or clubs by own,and resell the rest.I am one of that type.

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