Selling huge collection of complete, Panini, Topps and other sticker albums and trading cards.


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Unfortunately, after years and years of collecting I decided to sell large portion of my entire sticker album and trading card collection.

|Take a loot at my eBay if you prefer buying there.|

Complete sticker albums, sets, cards, boxes for sale.

Short story : I am moving to another country in a year time, so I physically can not keep everything. I am willing to offer you guys nearly all of albums, stickers, cards, packs, boxes that I have right now.

Prices will be affordable. Not unrealistic and opened for negotiations if you want more than one item.

Long story
: I started collecting intensively back in 2006 as I slowly regained my passion for this enjoyable hobby.

In 2006-2010 period my collection was quite modest. Somewhere in 2011 I discovered how great internet is and started meeting people from all around the world on all sorts of sites, using Google Translate to find collectors who share the same passion as I do.

2012-14 was probably the most intensive period of my collecting. I was lucky to meet insane amount of collectors around the world.

2014-15 is the year I spent building this website and community intensively, spending all my money on programmers, hosting, plugins and other stuff to keep it alive.

2015-16 will probably be the year in which I will move to another country (by the end of 2016 I believe).
That is why it is impossible for me to keep and transport all these things that I have. Of course I will keep ones dearest to my hearth, but in order to keep this transition in my life as smooth as possible, I will need to sell some albums.

No matter if we traded back in the days, if talked, or I bought/sold something from/to you I would like to thank you for all these wonderful years. It was hell of a fun for me. I still remain the soldier of this hobby trying to keep this wonderful passion of hours alive and help people connect and swap stickers and trading cards.

No, I am not quitting collecting. I just have a transition period in my life that requires some time. I would love if items from my collection will go into good hands of a true collectors like everyone on this forum.

Thank you for taking a look at my selling section.

Selling conditions :
PayPal only.
I accept returns.
Buyer pays shipping price.
If you buy more items, you can get discount.
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Until I organize everything few of these are going on eBay tonight, if anyone is interested before that, please get in touch. All complete.
DSC04474.JPG DSC04482.JPG DSC04489.JPG DSC04509.JPG DSC04519.JPG DSC04526.JPG DSC04534.JPG DSC04546.JPG DSC04552.JPG DSC04559.JPG DSC04568.JPG DSC04585.JPG DSC04592.JPG DSC04603.JPG DSC04616.JPG DSC04616.JPG DSC04625.JPG DSC04640.JPG


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One more lot for sale. All complete. Also complete set + album available for newer collections (see photos). For more info on condition and prices get in touch.
There are going on eBay tonight.
DSC04650.JPG DSC04661.JPG DSC04673.JPG DSC04682.JPG DSC04693.JPG DSC04704.JPG DSC04717.JPG DSC04725.JPG DSC04735.JPG


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What a pity! Maybe I will have to move in an other country too in a few years, but I have found a solution! My parents will keep the collection if I must move, and every time I will take with me about 40-50 albums. But it could be impossible for me to sell the collection. I'm really sad for you!

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